Vincent Namatjira

Vincent Namatjira

Born 1983 Alice Springs, Australia
Lives and works in Indulkana, Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, South Australia, Australia

A painter from Indulkana in in South Australia, Vincent Namatjira has established himself as a subversive and witty portraitist. Vincent is the great-grandson of the renowned Arrernte watercolour artist Albert Namatjira. Vincent was born in Alice Springs and spent his early childhood at Hermannsburg. When his mother passed away unexpectedly, Vincent was removed from his family and raised in foster homes. Intensely aware of his family’s history, he yearned to return to the central desert. He moved back to Hermannsburg as a young adult and then settled with his wife’s family at Kanpi, on the APY Lands, where he learnt to paint in a customary dot painting style. Since 2013, Vincent has been painting portraits of important figures, both personally familiar and famously political. He is an acute observer of national and international politics and the connections between leadership, wealth, power and influence.

Vincent Namatjira has also worked with the QAGOMA Children's Art Centre to develop a project for APT9 Kids

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