Kids Exhibitions

A family enjoying their visit to the Gallery of Modern Art’s Children’s Art Centre

A family enjoying their visit to the Gallery of Modern Art’s Children’s Art Centre

Kids Programs

The Gallery offers three ticketed programs especially for children under five years of age. Art Starters, an interactive walking tour designed for babies aged 4-12 months and their carers. Art Play Date, a stimulating program engaging children aged 1-3 years through movement, song and sensory play and Art Explorers a program for children aged 3-5 years that explores art and ideas through games, music and making activities.

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Bags and Cloak Rooms

Cloak rooms are at the entries to both QAG and GOMA. Please check bags bigger than 40cm x 15cm x 35cm, umbrellas and items our staff feel may not be safe for other visitors or works of art inside the Gallery.

You can keep bags containing care needs for yourself or anyone in your care, including bags containing items for a medical condition or first aid supplies, baby carriers being used to carry a child, or baby bags securely and unobtrusively attached to a pram or carried by the carer’s side.


Breastfeeding and infant bottle-feeding are welcome anywhere in the Gallery, or you can use the parents’ rooms at either QAG or GOMA. The parents’ rooms can be used to mix infant formula. Food and drink for older children and adults are not allowed in the Gallery, and we ask you to please keep water bottles in a bag.

Parents Room

There are two parents’ rooms at QAG, one near the Stanley Place entrance and one near the Pelican Lounge, both on the Watermall level. There is a parents’ room at GOMA, in the Cinema Foyer. Please ask our staff for directions.

Prams and Accessibility

Prams are welcome, and all areas of QAG and GOMA are accessible by lift or ramp. Pram parking is available near the entrance to all CAC spaces.

Kids & the Collection

Visiting with kids? Explore the wonderfully curated Art trails throughout the Galleries. Find hidden secrets and meet our friendly resident mice, Roy & Matlida.

  • Roy & Matilda

    Discover paintings by artists in the Australian Art Collection with Roy and Matilda, two friendly mice who love art galleries and live behind a tiny door in the Queensland Art Gallery.

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  • Australian Art Collection – Animals and Art

    From the earliest rock paintings to contemporary works, animals have featured in art for thousands of years. For many artists, animals are subjects that allow them to share ideas and experiences.

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Enjoying a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art’s Children’s Art Centre

Enjoying a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art’s Children’s Art Centre

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