Karrabing Film Collective

Karrabing Film Collective

Established 2013 Northern Territory, Australia
Located in the northwest coast of the Northern Territory

Artists: Cameron Bianamu, Gavin Bianamu, Sheree Bianamu, Telish Bianamu, Trevor Bianamu, Danielle Bigfoot, Kelvin Bigfoot, Rex Edmunds, Claudette Gordon, Ryan Gordon, Claude Holtze, Ethan Jorrock, Marcus Jorrock, Melissa Jorrock, Reggie Jorrock, Patsy Anne Jorrock, Daryl Lane, Lorraine Lane, Robyn Lane, Angelina Lewis, Cecilia Lewis, Marcia Lewis, Natasha Lewis, Elizabeth A Povinelli, Quentin Shields, Aiden Sing, Kieran Sing, Shannon Sing, Rex Sing, Daphne Yarrowin, Linda Yarrowin, Roger Yarrowin and Sandra Yarrowin.

Karrabing Film Collective are an Indigenous media group who use filmmaking to interrogate the conditions of inequality for Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory and retain connections to land and their ancestors. The group features an intergenerational mix of more than thirty members of the Belyuen community, together with anthropologist, activist and gender studies professor Elizabeth Povinelli, who has worked with the community since 1984. Together they have sought to create a model for Indigenous filmmaking and activism, by bringing together different tribes and languages, conceiving works through an infrastructure of communal thinking and experimentation, and seamlessly blending fiction and documentary traditions.

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