28 May 2016 – 3 Oct 2016
GOMA | Gallery 1.4 | Free

The Children's Art Centre presents an interactive project developed in collaboration with Chinese-born Australian artist Ah Xian which invites children and families to engage with the artist's ideas and artworks through specially designed hands-on and multimedia activities.

Naturephysica: Drawing Activity


In a drawing activity inspired by the artist's 'Metaphysica' sculptures in the Gallery's Collection, children will discover the meaning of traditional Chinese symbols and can select an object that is meaningful to them to draw as part of their own self-portrait.

In the 'Metaphysica' series, Ah Xian creates a balance between body and object. Each sculptural bust is adorned with an object above its head to appeal to the realm of thoughts and dreams, the spiritual and metaphysical.

Naturephysica: Projection Activity


Young visitors will also explore projected images and ideas about patterning in a multimedia activity which enables them to see their own bodies become awash with different floral patterns and landscape images. As a way to explore the artist's ideas about moving between and belonging to two different cultures, the projected landscape images will feature places in both China and Australia.