The Hand, The Eye & The Heart

01 Oct 2011 – 12 Feb 2012
GOMA | Free

'The Hand, the Eye and the Heart' brings together video, photography, drawing and sculpture to survey how artists record private and personal aspects of human experience. It considers how acts of remembrance are made material and spiritual.

Throughout the exhibition, the individual's experience is given significance n broader cultural and historical narratives. Sites, practices and objects of historic memory are integral to this process, as are the roles they have in symbolising individual and collective expressions of faith, memorialisation and solitude; or reflecting ideas of enlightenment, mortality and the impermanence of memory itself. Some artists work as diarists, using aspects of autobiography in both spoken and written word, and documentary strategies to record events; while others use the anonymity of found and appropriated material to create simple metaphors that connect history to the present reality.