Creative Generation: Design

03 Jul 2021 – 24 Oct 2021
QAG | Pelican Lounge | Free

Visit Open Studio and see how 16 senior design students from metropolitan and regional Queensland have worked with professional creatives and designers to contribute to the design of this interactive space at QAG.

The young design students were asked to co-design a space for visitors of all ages and abilities to connect with art and design. Through eight online workshops delivered at a time of global isolation, the students were inspired to utilise ‘slow design’ as a means through which visitors can slow down, connect and reflect upon people and places of importance.

Through this unique experience, QAGOMA Learning successfully:

  • recognises and nurtures design excellence in Queensland schools
  • works with young designers to develop an interactive space that reflects the currency of design in Queensland
  • generates new design education resources for students and teachers
  • connects Queensland schools with tertiary and industry networks
‘Open Studio: Creative Generation Design’ is a QAGOMA Learning program, supported by the Department of Education, Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, and Queensland University of Technology Design Lab and Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering.