Quiet: Contemplating the Collection

Embrace the Australian Collection as a place of quiet contemplation through poetry, drop-in drawing and calm living meditation.


Ongoing | Galleries 10 - 13 | Free 
Discover a fresh perspective on the Australian Collection with Words & Pictures, an ongoing project that invites local artists and writers to respond to artworks in the Australian Collection. Take inspiration, and use the pencils and paper provided to create your own response through drawing or writing.  

SPRING 2017 | This season's Words & Pictures inspiration comes from Graham Akhurst, an Aboriginal writer and academic hailing from the Kokomini of Northern Queensland. Look for Graham's responses alongside the following artworks:

William Delafield Cook, A haystack 1982
Vida Lahey, Monday morning 1912
Gordon Bennett, Untitled 1991
Vernon Ah Kee, Unwritten I, Unwritten II, Unwritten III 2007
Albert Namatjira, Mulga plaque (Greetings from South West Patrol) 1932