Cinémathèque Live: Lawrence English's The Visitors Ages 18+

6.00PM Fri 26 Oct 2018 (45mins)
GOMA | Cinema A | Ticketed


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of George A Romero’s landmark zombie film Night of the Living Dead 1968, composer and artist Lawrence English has created a new audiovisual work titled The Visitors. Drawing on the film’s iconic imagery, English melds a montage of moving images with a distinctive live soundtrack.

The Visitors is a 45 minute audio visual homage to Romero’s remarkable film. It is a mediation on the zombie as cultural phenomena. Using a series of the iconic zombie montages from the original film, each drawn out from a few seconds to minutes in length; the images on screen shift from objects of horror to a dreamlike light play. The faces and bodies of the undead become a focus of attention, something to be explored rather than shunned. Their on screen presence shifts from fear and disgust to a kind of glacial beauty. Matched with an embodied soundtrack of low frequency vibration and harmonic echoes, The Visitors is a work that celebrates Romero’s criticism’s of modern systems of economy and power and recognises the role and value of the body as more than just flesh for consumption.

Adults: $15 | Members: $12