Cinémathèque Live: Elysia Crampton

8.00PM Sun 25 Jun 2017 (45mins)
GOMA | Cinema A | Ticketed


I stand for an unrepresented history of musicians and writers of colour, female authors, queer artists… I stand for these histories coiled at event horizon, on the brink of a new universe or total disintegration, braided with nothingness.

The work of Elysia Crampton is a confluence of personal politics and the fusing of multiple underrepresented histories, musical genres and cultural signifiers. Born and raised outside Los Angeles, Crampton moved nomadically around the United States and Mexico before settling in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Her debut EP American Drift drew upon Virginia's violent colonial past and sought to make a spiritual excavation of race and otherness. Her latest work, Elysia Crampton presents: Demon City 2016 was written as an epic poem about the indigenous Aymara people, and features contributions from producers Chino Amobi, Rabit, Why Be, and Lexxi. The album's accompanying live performance, bridges Aymara oral history traditions with Elysia's own disruption of gender, ethnicity, and even species.