The Afterlight
Film & In Conversation

18 Aug 2022 | GOMA | Cinema A

British filmmaker Charlie Shackleton's The Afterlight is a cinematic singularity. The film exists as a single 35mm print that deteriorates further at each screening until it will one day cease to exist. Composed of fragments drawn from hundreds of films, it is a hypnotic collage of actors now dead, but who live on in a shared celluloid realm. With each screening its own unique moment in the life of the film, The Afterlight is one-of-a-kind cinema event.

In Conversation: Charlie Shackleton
Join us for an in-person In Conversation event with Charlie Shackleton, director and editor of The Afterlight, to take place after the screening of the film. Shackleton is a celebrated non-fiction filmmaker, who has previously directed short films (Lasting Marks 2018, Personal Truth 2017), a TV special (Missing Episode 2017), a chapter in a VR anthology (A Machine for Viewing 2020), and the feature-length essays films Fear Itself 2015 and Beyond Clueless 2014).