Philippe Grandrieux: Unrest

09 Jul 2017 | GOMA | Cinema A


Philippe Grandrieux is one of cinema's only living true radicals and feted as one of the most innovative and important filmmakers of his generation.

In a career spanning more than 40 years, Grandrieux has interrogated the power of images and presented us with every possible permutation of love, violence and life itself, often in its most extreme forms. His latest project, a triptych of works grouped together under the collective title 'Unrest', strips back his vision to its most minimal form yet to present us with a vision of bare life that evades enclosure within fixed form and meaning. As Grandrieux has written, 'No narrative link unites the three parts of the triptych, what we have is rather three stages of bodily presence, three affective intensities, three events that we are able to access only via what they make us experience inside of us, our own disquiet'.

'Unrest' comprises three movements – White Epilepsy (2012), Meurtrière (2015) and Unrest (2017) – that each consist of a performance, a film and an installation. In this special event, the complete triptych of films will be screened sequentially, including the world premiere screening of Unrest (2017). Associate Professor Greg Hainge, University of Queensland will provide short introductions to each film.

Book Launch

Following the screening of Unrest, Greg Hainge will launch his new book Philippe Grandrieux: Sonic Cinema (2017). This extraordinary text provides an overview and critical analysis of Grandrieux's entire career during which he has produced works for television, video installations, photography, performance pieces, documentary films, short films and prize-winning feature films.