APT9 Cinema: New Bollywood: Currents in Indian Cinema

01 Dec 2018 – 27 Apr 2019 | GOMA | Cinema A

2010 marked a revolution in Indian cinema with independent filmmakers are at the forefront of the transformation. ‘New Bollywood: Currents in Indian Cinema’ profiles new and dynamic films that are arising from a cross-pollination of India’s mainstream (Bollywood), regional and independent cinemas. The rapid social changes in contemporary India is sparking a resurgence in independent filmmaking and in turn opening up possibilities for a more flexible cinema industry. These new films boast storylines that challenge long-standing social mores. The program will include ‘New Bollywood’ films Kapoor and Sons 2016 and Queen 2014 alongside award-winning independent films such as the cheeky comedy about democracy Newton 2017 as well as the gently powerful Hotel Salvation 2016 and Assamese film Village Rockstars 2017.

Program curated by Rosie Hays, Australian Cinémathèque.