1. Eligible groups include primary and secondary schools with an Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) value of less than 1000, or a special school, as defined by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).
  2. Access is limited to 60 students per school per financial year.
  3. Special schools are exempt from providing an ICSEA value.

Application Process

  1. View the details of QAGOMA exhibitions.
  2. Select the exhibition you would like to book.
  3. Choose your preferred date and the time and complete group visit details.
  4. Enter your ICSEA value in the box provided. You can use the My School website if needed.
  5. Once mandatory fields have been completed, click ‘Submit’. You will then receive a confirmation email.
  6. The group booking team will confirm your eligibility and availability. If you meet the criteria and date availability, you will receive an email from our Group Bookings team with next steps, including: a proposed visit plan, a film and photography consent form and your time of arrival.
  7. Ensure you read the terms and conditions and prepare for your visit prior to submitting the application form.

If you would like further information about this access initiative or you would like to plan a group visit, please contact our Group Bookings team at groupbookings@qagoma.qld.gov.au or 07 3840 7255.

Reimbursement of travel costs

  1. Make full payment for your students’ transport costs with your transport provider.
  2. Attend the excursion - the number of attending students will be confirmed by the QAGOMA Learning team. Reimbursement is not available for adult supervisors/chaperones.
  3. Within 30 days following the excursion, email our Group Bookings team with your school's tax invoice issued to QAGOMA Learning, to be able to claim the reimbursement for your students’ transport costs (up to $10 per student plus GST). Please also attach any documentation showing payment of the transport cost e.g. receipt with $0 balance from your transport provider.
  4. Our Group Bookings team will verify the number of students who attended the visit and check the invoice against these numbers.
  5. Please note that the transport reimbursement can only be paid for the number of students that attend the excursion, capped at 60 students per financial year. Transport costs of students who were booked, but did not attend on the day, cannot be claimed.

Terms & Conditions

  1. QAGOMA reserves the right to vary the terms, suspend or discontinue this initiative at any time. Once we confirm your booking, QAGOMA Learning will honour the terms, including working through booking changes, if possible.
  2. Funds will be allocated in the order that visits are completed and reimbursements have been processed.
  3. A maximum of 60 students per school will be approved in each financial year period. Additional students may also attend the excursion with costs payable by the school. Any additional costs relating to the visit must be paid by the school.
  4. QAGOMA Learning will provide up to $10 per student as a reimbursement to the school for travel costs incurred to visit QAGOMA.
  5. Reimbursement will only be made on receipt of invoice from school with supporting evidence of travel cost incurred.
  6. QAGOMA Learning will provide free entry to selected exhibitions (where applicable), and host one 90-minute educator-led program for the class group.
  7. Participating schools agree that students, teachers and chaperones from your school consent to being photographed and/or recorded during their excursion to QAGOMA. The school is responsible for returning signed parent/guardian consent forms provided by QAGOMA, on/by the day of the group visit.
  8. Supply of packed lunches/food for the visit is the responsibility of students or their school.

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