About the resource

This resource includes information about the artist's practice, explores eX de Medici's use of allegory, and offers ideas for making and responding.

Teacher tip: Print pages 5 and 6 from the 'Allegory and the 'Big Pictures'' section to support students during your visit or in the classroom. This section features selected works that can be used as starting points for exploring the ideas and concerns that drive eX de Medici's practice.

Exhibition themes

The recurring motifs of the moth and the gun in eX de Medici’s work represent two parallel 'ecologies': nature that has adapted and evolved over millennia to survive, and humanity, whose technologies are rapidly destroying both themselves and the planet. At the heart of de Medici’s practice lies her concerns for the value and fragility of life, the corrupting effects of capitalism and consumption, and destructive impact of humans on the natural world.

The issues that de Medici foregrounds in her work are fundamentally important to her and many others – her approach is to encourage discussion around these difficult topics. However, some students may find these works unsettling and confronting.