The opening of the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in December 2006 was a transformational moment for Brisbane. It created a new space for imagination and creativity, a place for ideas to meet.

Now, on the tenth anniversary of the Queensland Art Gallery's second building, we reflect on what GOMA means to the millions of visitors who have brought it to life and helped it establish a local, national and global reputation.

GOMA is shorthand for imaginatively conceived and ambitiously-scaled exhibitions; world-leading artist-designed projects for children to learn through play; and film programs presented through our Australian Cinémathèque. The building and the work inside it has inspired people to connect with contemporary art in a real and heartfelt way. That's something worth celebrating with you, the people who have embraced GOMA so enthusiastically.

To do this, we're bringing out some of our best loved artworks and introducing sensational new pieces in the exhibition 'Sugar Spin: you, me, art and everything', a fabulous confection linked over two levels. We're highlighting the generosity of a singular benefactor with a second instalment to 'A World View: The Tim Fairfax Gift', including a stunning new commission. We're connecting and contrasting works from the Aboriginal and Pacific collections in 'Lucent'. And we present a new work of public art by Queensland artist Judy Watson that acknowledges the thousands of years of occupation of this land by Indigenous Australians.

This is also a time to acknowledge those who have supported the founding vision, realisation and evolution of GOMA, and the artists whose ideas and energy fill our spaces to capacity. Finally and importantly, we thank our ever-curious and engaged visitors — be they from next door or the other side of the world. You have believed in GOMA as a place to inspire and create wonder. Thank you — please celebrate with us!

Chris Saines
Director, QAGOMA