Conditions of Entry

While at the Gallery you are welcome to:

  • take photos (without flash) and film for private purposes, except in areas where photography and filming are signed as restricted, and observing these restrictions:
    • tripods, monopods, gimbals and lighting equipment are not permitted.
    • photography and filming for any commercial purpose requires prior written permission from the Gallery.
    • onsite wedding photography is only possible for those who have booked their wedding reception at the Gallery.
    • close up photography or filming of children is not permitted without permission from the child’s carer.
    • photographing or filming the Gallery’s security measures, including security staff, CCTV cameras and movement detectors, is not permitted
  • take notes or make sketches with graphite pencils and handheld sketchbooks and clipboards
  • bring prams and strollers into the Gallery, taking care to avoid artworks, property or other visitors. For safety, prams and strollers are not permitted on escalators
  • breast or bottle feed infants anywhere in the Gallery. There are parents’ rooms in both buildings.
  • bring Guide Dogs and other registered assistance animals into the Gallery. Other animals are not permitted.

We trust you will act responsibly while at the Gallery. This means you will:

  • conduct yourself in a manner which, in the reasonable opinion of Gallery staff, does not interfere with, disrupt or offend others
  • comply with any rules or policies, established by the Gallery.

For your safety, the safety of others and the safety of our artwork you must:

  • not touch, or in any other way, interfere with artworks. You are welcome to interact with artworks designated and labelled as interactive
  • not consume food or drinks (including water) in Gallery spaces, except in cafes and cinemas (excluding hot food)
  • deposit with Gallery cloakrooms, as soon as possible after entry, bags deemed to be large by the Gallery, umbrellas, or any other item, as directed by the Gallery
  • all other bags approved to enter the Gallery may be carried by your side rather than on your back
  • supervise any children under the age of 12 for whom you are responsible
  • wear footwear at all times
  • not run in Gallery spaces
  • not smoke.

The Gallery does not permit spruiking, the unapproved distribution of printed material or merchandise, or the unapproved display of audio-visual materials.

The Gallery reserves the right to:

  • exclude or remove any person from the Gallery
  • inspect any bag, luggage or object, however described, upon entry to and before leaving the Gallery
  • photograph, film or record events and activities taking place on Gallery premises for reporting, archival and promotional purposes
  • use Security Closed Circuit Television cameras throughout the Gallery (for more information, see the Gallery’s Information Privacy Statement).

In these Conditions of Entry, the phrase ‘Gallery’ includes the Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art.

Additional information on any of the Conditions of Entry can be provided on request.