Doreen Reid Nakamarra

Doreen Reid Nakamarra / Pintupi/Ngaatjatjarra people, Australia, 1955–2009 / Untitled (Marrapinti) 2008 / Synthetic polymer paint on canvas / Purchased 2009 with funds from the Bequest of Grace Davies and Nell Davies through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery / © Estate of the artist/Licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency Ltd

Doreen Reid Nakamarra was the best known artist of the later generation to emerge from Papunya. Her innovative optical style, created by countless dots laid down in zigzagged rows, saw her attain international appreciation.

This painting is associated with a rockhole site in Western Australia relating to the travels of the Tingari ancestors throughout the Western Desert, creating country and law. The lines depict the creek at the site and the surrounding sandhills. Tingari women camped at this site during their travels towards the east. While there the women made nose bones, also known as marrapinti. Upon completion of the ceremonies at Marrapinti the women continued their travels toward Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay). Dotted lines give an impression of waves of sand blowing across the landscape and the optical illusions born by the desert heat haze.