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Breathless: French New Wave Turns 50
31 August - 2 December 2007

The Reverse Atomic Principle of Hiroshima mon amour
(Lecture by Greg Hainge, University of Queensland)

The New New Wave in French Cinema
(Lecture by Joe Hardwick, University of Queensland)

May 68: then and now
(Lecture by Sylvia Lawson)

Pairs through the Eyes of the New Wave
(Lecture by Gilles Rousseau, Forums des Images, Paris)

Noli Me Tangere: Jacques Rivette, Out 1 and the New Wave
(Lecture by Sally Shafto)

Jean-Luc Godards Histoire(s) Du Cinema
22 - 30 August 2007

Jean Luc Godard’s Histoire du Cinema
(Lecture by Laleen Jayamanne, University of Sydney)

Isabelle Huppert
13 July - 2 August 2007

Isabelle Huppert as monstrous-feminine
(Lecture by Professor Barbara Creed, University of Melbourne)

Romance of a Fruit Peddler and A String of Pearls
(Introductions by Zhang Jianyong, China Film Archive)

Shanghai Film History Before 1949
(Lecture by Chen Biqiang, China Film Archive)

Li Shaohong’s Blush: a subversive love story
(Introduction by Lara Vanderstaay, University of Queensland)