Nusra Latif Qureshi
Enchanted Spaces

03 Dec 2016 – 17 Apr 2017
GOMA | Free

As part of GOMA Turns 10, the Children's Art Centre presents Nusra Latif Qureshi's 'Enchanted spaces'. First displayed in 2006 as part of 'The 5th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art', 'Enchanted spaces' introduces young visitors to the traditional techniques of Mughal miniature painting.

In the past these beautiful miniature artworks were made for the royal court, but Nusra and other artists in Pakistan are reviving this tradition in their own contemporary arts practice. When creating her artworks, Nusra carefully traces people, animals and plants from traditional miniatures and then includes them in her own paintings to make new pictures with new meanings. Nusra's artworks explore her country's history as well as life and culture in Pakistan today.

In 'Enchanted spaces' young visitors can work with shapes and patterns chosen by Nusra to create their own artwork inspired by Mughal miniature painting.

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