Yuko Mohri

Yuko Mohri

Born 1980 Kanagawa, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

Yuko Mohri produces compelling sound installations from ready-made materials that have been rigged to play elegant compositions. With a background in music and intermedia art, Mohri has developed a practice based around automated instruments created from found materials, which make subtle yet surprising use of intangible elements such as space, light and gravity. Many of her projects are site specific, using materials and themes relevant to or sourced from the location. Her works have been described as ‘kinetic’ sculptures, as they are activated by magnetics, gravity, light and other incremental changes in the immediate environment, often with an in-built delay. In previous works she has used street lights, machine parts, old tools and reassembled pianolas. Mohri is a versatile artist, producing theatre set designs, performances and photo series in addition to her installation practice.

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