Tada Hengsapkul

Tada Hengsapkul

Born 1987 Korat, Thailand
Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand

Whether addressing the military presence in his hometown of Korat, or issues surrounding intimacy and control of the body, Tada Hengsapkul’s photographic series and moving image works are concerned with questions of freedom and social agency. In his practice, he continues his mission to expose aspects of Thai history and to unleash repression. Although his subject matter is often specific to Thailand, his work also strikes a chord in a world rife with censorship. He often employs a strategy of visually overwhelming his audiences in order to encourage them to analyse what they see. Hengsapkul first came to the attention of the art world with his photographs of young people — often his friends — whose documentary-style exposure raised issues of vulnerability, confrontation and the power of the individual. He is familiar with environments that censor expression, and his works explore ways in which art can respond to power.

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