Jakkai Siributr

Jakkai Siributr

Born 1969 Bangkok, Thailand
Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand

Jakkai Siributr is known primarily for his textile and embroidery works, and his installations increasingly offer an element of audience participation. Siributr is concerned with the unofficial histories that have been written out of Thai accounts, including the troubled co-existence between Buddhism and Islam in the south of the country. He creates a delicate tension between his subject matter — ongoing conflict driven by nationalistic discrimination against minorities — and the visual sensuality of his chosen form and materials. In his practice he has embroidered camouflage jackets and kapiyoh (head coverings) with Thai media imagery or drawings by Muslim children, and he creates symbolic flags that incorporate beads, seeds, seashells and plastic collected from the departure and arrival points for Myanmar’s Rohingya refugees. More recently, he has begun to engage with intersections between personal and regional histories, using family photographs and clothing with personal associations.

Jakkai Siributr has also worked with the QAGOMA Children's Art Centre to develop a project for APT9 Kids

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