Iman Raad

Iman Raad

Born 1979 Mashhad, Iran
Lives and works in New York, United States

Iman Raad works across a variety of media, including painting, drawing, embroidery, graphic work and performance lectures. In these diverse works, he draws on influences such as Persian miniature painting, illuminated manuscripts, folk arts, Islamic architecture and internet image culture. He combines these local references with contemporary subject matter to create his mural-like installations. Using a vivid, high key palette, altered perspective, and repetition that mimics digital glitches, the result is a riot of colour and movement that is both seductive and unsettling. Traditionally ornamental elements such as birds, fruits and flowers are recalibrated into subjects that carry narrative import and are given animate, unnatural presences. These are intertwined with social events and historical moments rendered in fantastical ways to draw in the viewer.

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