Land, Sea and Sky Torres Strait Island Exhibition
Contemporary Art of the Torres Strait Islands

01 Jul 2011 – 9 Oct 2011
GOMA | Free

'Land, Sea and Sky' is the largest and possibly the most significant exhibition to date of contemporary art by Torres Strait Islander artists anywhere in the world. It embraces the cultural and practical significance of land, sea and sky to Torres Strait Islander people and its influence on their art.

The exhibition celebrates the unique contemporary art of the Islands with dance objects, prints, film, video, textiles, ceramics and installations from the Gallery's significant collection of works by Torres Strait Islander artists, as well as key loans and new commissions.

The exhibition reinforces cultural knowledge for Islanders and presents their rich and complex cultures, including performance and oral history, to broader audiences. It is an all-encompassing exhibition, representing different island groups as well as mainland and urban groups. Works by more than 40 artists, including major new commissions and loans from both important public and private collections across Australia, are included.

'Land, Sea and Sky' is part of The Torres Strait Islands: A Celebration( 1 July – 23 October 2011), a joint project of Queensland's major arts organisations at the Cultural Centre, South Bank to showcase the diversity and vibrancy of historical and contemporary arts and culture of Torres Strait Islander Australians.