Ian Fairweather
Late Works 1953–74

3 Nov 2012 – 3 Mar 2013
QAG | Free

This exhibition focuses on the late works of Ian Fairweather (1891–1974), when he lived and worked on Bribie Island in Brisbane's Moreton Bay between 1953 and his death. This period saw Fairweather achieve the summation of his life's endeavour as a painter, and the works from these years brought the artist enduring fame.

Fairweather transformed his surroundings and memories into complexly layered paintings, remarkable in colour, light and vision. Many works from private collections very rarely seen by the public will be featured in the exhibition, as well as a selection of recent gifts donated through the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Foundation for the Arts, representing Win Schubert's steadfast and extraordinary generosity to the Gallery. Fairweather's leap into a series of abstract works around 1959–60 is also represented, as are images of his life on the island.