Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art

7 May 2016 – 14 Aug 2016
GOMA | Gallery 2.1 | Free

This annual exhibition showcases the outstanding achievements of senior visual art students from schools throughout Queensland.

The Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art is an initiative of the Department of Education and Training and are supported by the Queensland Art Gallery ǀ Gallery of Modern Art.

The three overarching themes in the exhibition include childhood, home and identity; human experience, religion and beliefs; and environmental and societal commentary. The exhibition features an interactive digital catalogue with artwork information and images and artist statements are available throughout the space. Teachers and students can download a copy of the Artists' Statements which feature images and information about the artworks.

Group Bookings
Bookings are required in advance (minimum 72 hours' notice recommended).
To book, please contact the Group Bookings Office:
T: (07) 3840 7255 (8.30am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday)

Flooded Memories 2015

Teagan Miklavc / Corinda State High School / Flooded Memories 2015 / Installation: photograph, dress, gumboots / © The artist. View full image

Hybrid 2015

Ally Rowe / Goondiwindi State High School / Hybrid 2015 / Digital print / © The artist. View full image

Ichsani Lorentzen / Brisbane State High School / Landscape 2015 / Photography / © The artist. View full image

Jake Neville, Chromatics 2015

Jake Neville / Cairns State High School / Chromatics (detail) 2015 / Video, 4:24 minutes / © The artist. View full image

Matthew Harvey, Unharnessed 2015

Matthew Harvey / Bray Park State High School / Unharnessed 2015 / Pen on Paper. View full image

Jordan Bradford, Nostalgia

Jordan Bradford / Pioneer State High School / Nostalgia 2015 / Digital photographic print. View full image

Kayla Wratten, Suffocation: the Plastic Plague 2015

Kayla Wratten / Mansfield State High School / Suffocation: the Plastic Plague 2015 / Digital Photography. View full image