Hermína Týrlová, et al. Program Two: Selected Animations All Ages

12.00PM Sat 15 Sep 2018 (42mins)
GOMA | Cinema A | Free


'Hermína Týrlova is one of the most important persons in Czech animation of the second half of the twentieth century... The world of rags, yarn and wooden toys animated by Hermína Týrlová shows the youngest viewers that a story can be found in any trivial object around them and that such objects can be brought to life through play.' - Filmový přehled

Selected animations include:

Vzpoura hracek (The Revolt of Toys) 1947 (14 mins)
'In WWII Czechoslovakia, an old toymaker incorporates secret messages in his models to fool the Germans. They find him out and he flees. As the Gestapo officer hunts around he is attacked by the toys, who send him packing.' - MUBI

Míček Flíček (Spotted Ball) 1956 (18 mins)
'A young rubber ball is captured by an evil monster.  His grandfather and grandmother must journey to the top of a high-voltage tower, save him and destroy the monster.' - MUBI

Kalamajka 1957 (10 mins)
'Scenes from the life of a Czech village. Everybody is dressed in beautiful folk clothes, and everybody works – except one lazy individual who only wants to eat and sleep.' - MUBI