Hermína Týrlová, et al. Program Three: Selected Animations All Ages

11.00AM Sun 23 Sep 2018 (54mins)
GOMA | Cinema A | Free


'Hermína Týrlova is one of the most important persons in Czech animation of the second half of the twentieth century... The world of rags, yarn and wooden toys animated by Hermína Týrlová shows the youngest viewers that a story can be found in any trivial object around them and that such objects can be brought to life through play.' - Filmový přehled

Selected animations include:
Ferda mravenec (Ferda the Ant) 1944 (10 mins)
'The film tells the stories Ferdy the Ant and his friends. This is the first Czech puppet animation film realized puppets with wire skeletons.' - MUBI

Uzel na kapesníku (The Knot in Handkerchief) 1958 (15 mins)
A boy makes a knot in his handkerchief to remind himself to repair his leaky faucet. The handkerchief, however, is alive and kicking, and flees from its pocket to explore the outside world.

Kulička (A Marble) 1963 (9 mins)
'Story of some various animals who are fighting for a beautiful shiny crystal ball.' - MUBI

Vlnená pohádka (Woollen Story) 1964 (10 mins)
'Story of a woollen puppet who turns a ball of wool into a cloud to protect him from the desert heat. The cloud falls on the ground in the form of a lamb. The two become friends, and when the puppet becomes thirsty the lamb becomes a cloud again and provides water.' - MUBI

Ferda v cizích sluzbách (Ferda the Ant in Foreign Service) 1977 (10 mins)
'Everyone knows Ferda the Ant, who knows how to work with everyone and selflessly helps all small animals from the beetle empire. Everything with him is fun, but he can also punish stupidity and injustice.' - MUBI