Cinémathèque Live: Sarah Davachi

6.00PM Sun 25 Jun 2017 (45mins)
GOMA | Cinema B | Ticketed


Sound is as much a physical response for me as it is a mental or psychological one. I think of music as this sort of architectural pursuit; it's an encompassing environment that takes the listener inward into some kind of space.

Sarah Davachi is a Canadian composer who makes drone-based music and extended-duration harmonic studies. Her work is concerned with the mixing of analog synthesisers and acoustic sources – often defamiliarising the latter through heavy processing – to reveal the forgotten sonics of a bygone era. Her 2016 album Vergers was made using an EMS Synthi 100 synthesiser along with violin and voice, while her haunting new release All My Circles Run 2017 alters different acoustic sound sources from strings, piano and voice. Sarah continues to work at the National Music Centre in Canada where she researches and preserves their collection of acoustic and electronic keyboard instruments.