Cinémathèque Live: Alessandro Cortini

8.00PM Fri 23 Jun 2017 (1hr)
GOMA | Cinema A | Ticketed


I believe that I have a message to convey, and depending on the instrument I use, the language to spread the message is different.

Alessandro Cortini is an Italian musician best known for his expansive and hypnotic compositions made using analog and modular synthesisers. He continues to work as a touring and recording musician for Nine Inch Nails, while also acting as the lead singer for his band SONOIO. Cortini's acclaimed Forse 2013-15 trilogy was composed with the pioneering Buchla Music Easel, while recent recordings such Risveglio 2016 use early Roland syntherisers, which were key to the development of house music. His music uses hinging melodies amidst great washes of drone to hold listeners in place, while sonic intensity grows and recedes. Cortini's live performances are a mix of vivid projection and hazy soundscapes that have hypnotised audiences around the world.