Now He’s out in Public and Everyone Can See 2016 Ages 15+

1.30PM Sat 3 Feb 2018 (24mins)
GOMA | Cinema A | Free


Screens with Long Story Short 2016.

The work of artist Natalie Bookchin explores individual and collective expressions broadcast online. She is responsible for creating new forms of documentary that address conditions of mass connectivity and isolation. In Now he's out in public and everyone can see, Bookchin creates a polyphonic chorus composed from video blogs posted on social media from 2009 to 2011. The impassioned bloggers all engage in discussion around the contested identity of an unnamed African-American man. Through the intricate editing of different voices and video fragments, Bookchin reveals a social landscape where cascades of disinformation, rumours, and insinuations spread wildly and distinctions between truth and falsehood remain precarious.