Peter Strickland: Capturing the Uncanny

26 Jul 2019 – 28 Jul 2019 | GOMA | Cinema A

The Australian Cinémathèque, in partnership with the Queensland Film Festival, presents a retrospective of Peter Strickland’s films and radio plays, including the Queensland premiere of his latest feature, In Fabric 2018.

Known for their sensuous atmosphere, Peter Strickland’s films compellingly combine genre, the uncanny and the experimental. Strickland first made his mark in 2009 with the low-budget rural revenge noir Katalin Varga. His international arthouse breakthrough came in 2012 with Berberian Sound Studio, which details the story of a reserved Englishman finding himself working on the sound design of a disturbed Italian giallo horror film. This key work establishes Strickland’s ongoing interests and obsessions: intricate sound design that plays with how we hear, fetishistic references to the past that explore new ways to the future, a delight in the analog (whether on screen or in soundtrack) and a sharp sense of wit and the absurd. These ideas are expanded upon further in his two most recent feature films — The Duke of Burgundy 2014 and In Fabric 2018 — and his equally important work in radio, which all mine the other-worldly in fascinating ways.

Peter Strickland: In Conversation + Film
Please note: unfortunately the In Conversation event has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.