All the World's Memories

05 Jan 2018 – 24 Feb 2018 | GOMA | Cinema A

'All the World's Memories' brings together a collection of celebrated documentaries, film-essays and artist videos that present cinema as a repository of past knowledge. The program features works that reflect on humanity's engagement with the natural world and built environment; portraits of public and private personalities made from home recordings; visual essays and compilations that mine material appropriated from news agencies, advertising and popular cinema; and pioneering collage films that juxtapose found footage from disparate sources. Connecting the various works is a desire to understand the world through poetic forms of montage.

The program takes its inspiration from Alain Resnais's short film Toute la mémoire du monde 1957 that explores the limits of human memory through the rigorous cataloguing and organising of collections at the Bibliothèque nationale de France. The program is presented in four overlapping thematic sections: 'Travelogues', 'Home movies', 'Hijacked media' and 'Ready-made cinema'. Each grouping sees artists and filmmakers move deftly through visual and political histories, cultures and environments, and map a deeply personal view of the human condition.


Alain Resnais Toute la mémoire du monde (All the World's Memories) 1957


Dziga Vertov Человек с кино-аппаратом (Man with a Movie Camera) 1929
Godfrey Reggio Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance 1982
Chris Marker Sans Soleil 1983
Artavazd Pelechian Մեր դարը (My Century) 1983
Patrick Keiller Robinson in Space 1997
Terence Davies Of Time and the City 2008
Nikolaus Geyrhalter Homo Sapiens 2016
Kirsten Johnson Cameraperson 2016
Fiona Tan Ascent 2016
Mona Willi, Michael Glawogger Untitled 2017

{Home movies}

Santiago Álvarez 79 Primaveras (79 Springs) 1969
Sadie Benning A Place Called Lovely 1991
Jonas Mekas As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty 2000
Jonathan Caouette Tarnation 2003
Agnès Varda Les plages d'Agnès (The Beaches of Agnès) 2008
John Akomfrah The Stuart Hall Project 2013
Chantal Akerman No Home Movie 2015
Natalie Bookchin Long Story Short 2016
Raoul Peck I Am Not Your Negro 2016
Natalie Bookchin Now He's out in Public and Everyone Can See 2017

{Hijacked media}

Harun Farocki Workers Leaving the Factory 1995
Jean-Luc Godard Histoire(s) du Cinèma 1989
Tracey Moffatt Artist 2000
Thom Andersen Los Angeles Plays Itself 2003
Soda_Jerk Hollywood Burn 2006
Tracey Moffatt Revolution 2008
Sophie Fiennes The Perverts Guide to Ideology 2012
György Pálfi Final Cut – Ladies and Gentleman 2012
Matt Wolf Teenage 2014
Tracey Moffatt The Art 2015
Paul Anton Smith Have You Seen My Movie? 2016
Adam Curtis HyperNormalisation 2016
Dean Fleischer-Camp Fraud 2016
Benedict Seymour Dead The Ends 2017

{Ready-made cinema}

Joseph Cornell Rose Hobart c.1936
Joseph Cornell The Children's Party 1930–68
Joseph Cornell Cotillion 1930–70
Joseph Cornell The Midnight Party 1930–70
Bruce Conner A Movie 1958
Arthur Lipsett Very Nice, Very Nice 1961
Bruce Conner Report 1964
Arthur Lipsett Free Fall 1964
Arthur Lipsett 21-87 1964
Arthur Lipsett A Trip Down Memory Lane 1965
Arthur Lipsett Fluxes 1968
Bruce Conner Crossroads 1976
Bruce Conner Mongoloid 1978
Peggy Ahwesh The Colour of Love 1994
Bill Morrison Decasia 2002
Gustav Deutsch Film Ist. A Girl & a Gun 2009
Peter Tscherkassky The Exquisite Corpus 2015
Bill Morrison Dawson City: Frozen Time 2016