Lecture: 'Museums and Memories: The Stories That Make a Community'

5.30PM Sat 18 May 2019
GOMA | Cinema A | Booked Out

Everywhere, museums are now far more than just cultural institutions. They have moved politically centre-stage, playing a key role in defining and re-defining national and communal identity. Why has this happened? In this lecture on International Museums Day, Neil MacGregor will examine the ways in which museums around the world are attempting to exhibit the past we need to take hold of, in order to confront the future with confidence.

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Neil MacGregor OM, AO, FSA is a writer and broadcaster, former Director of the National Gallery and the British Museum, London, and Founding Director of the Humboldt Forum, Berlin.

This lecture is presented by QAGOMA in celebration of International Museums Day and supported by the Australian Museums and Galleries Association and the Gordon Darling Foundation.