International Art Tour: Japanese Gardens

12.00AM Thu 7 Nov 2019
| Offsite | Ticketed

Japanese Gardens: Tokyo, Kyoto, Hikone, Nara and Kanazawa

Japanese Gardens is an autumnal delight. Embark on an in-depth consideration of the 1600-year evolution of the landscaped gardens of this self-described island people. Under the enlightened eye of Yoko Kawaguchi, participants will visit temple gardens in the ancient capital of Kyoto, and hill-and-pond gardens in the modern capital of Tokyo. Hikone Castle and Nata showcase 'borrowed scenery'. Time is also found for contemplation and exploring other elements of Japanese culture.

A small portion of every Member's tour booking will be returned to the Gallery, further supporting QAGOMA in its ongoing aim to connect art and people. 

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DISCLAIMER: This Martin Randall Travel international tour is an exclusive offer to QAGOMA Members. However, QAGOMA has no involvement in the booking or conduct of the tours and we accept no responsibility for the actions of MRT or the accuracy of any tour information. Please visit their website for further information