International art tour

10.00AM Sat 12 May 2018
QAGOMA | Ticketed

Japan has one of the richest and most continuously active art traditions in Asia. Exclusive to QAGOMA Members, this tour explores Japan across the ages, sampling excellent works from many periods, genres and styles. An expert in the field will elucidate many of the finest collections of Japanese art, both in museums and in situ at temples and shrines. Modern Tokyo is part of the experience, as is the ancient capital of Kyoto, the yet more ancient city of Nara, and the celebrated art colony of Naoshima in the Inland Sea. Five World Heritage sites — Nikko, Kyoto, Nara, Horyu-ji and Naoshima — feature on the tour, and we also visit less well-known sites such as ceramic studios and mausolea, as well as experience other aspects of Japanese culture, including gastronomy and gardens.

A small portion of every Member's tour booking will be returned to the Gallery, further supporting QAGOMA in its ongoing aim to connect art and people. 

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DISCLAIMER: This Martin Randall Travel international tour is an exclusive offer to QAGOMA Members. However, QAGOMA has no involvement in the booking or conduct of the tours and we accept no responsibility for the actions of MRT or the accuracy of any tour information. Please visit their website for further information.