'I, Object' Panel Discussion

6.00PM Wed 11 Sep 2019
GOMA | Cinema B | Book Now

The 'I, Object' exhibition considers the relationships Indigenous Australian artists have to objects, from the histories informing their creation to the social and cultural consequences of their collection.

Historically, museums have housed large collections of anthropological material relating to Indigenous Australians, from photographic archives to unreturned remains. These collecting practices often framed Indigenous people as less than human, with their bodies and images as objects of curiosity.

In this discussion, guests will explore the problematic representation of Indigenous bodies in these historic collections. They will highlight the importance of collecting the work of contemporary artists who have agency over how their people, community and works are presented – to reclaim Indigenous voices and stories.


  • Michael Aird, Director, UQ Anthropology Museum
  • Artist Vernon Ah Kee
  • Hosted by Bruce McLean, Curator, Indigenous Australian Art, QAGOMA