GOMA Talks: Beyond Eco-Anxiety

6.30PM Thu 20 Feb 2020
GOMA | Cinema A | Free

‘Water’ highlights a precious resource that sustains all forms of life on our planet, and sparks conversations about the role we play in the environment and the social challenges we face today.

Feeling overwhelmed by the existential challenge of climate change? You’re not alone!

GOMA Talks returns during ‘Water’, to examine the rise of eco-anxiety and how we can move beyond it with action. Hear from four Australian change makers, all aged under 25, as they discuss how we can shape a new generation of eco-positivity through the fields of activism, agriculture, Indigenous sustainability, science and social enterprise.

Guests include:

  • Jamie Graham, Aboriginal activist and ecologist in training
  • Kate McBride, Grazier and Healthy River Ambassador
  • Thomas King, CEO, Food Frontier
  • Varsha Yajman, activist
  • Hosted by Paul Barclay (Big Ideas, Radio National)
  • Performance by Lisa Sipaia Baker, Pacific Climate Warrior and Tokelau Diaspora organiser


GOMA Talks programs are free and unbooked. Seating is limited - available on a first in, first-seated basis.
Bodhi Tree Terrace bar: Food and drink offerings available from 5.15pm.