Confronting Contemporary Art: My Child Could Have Done That!

10.30AM Sat 16 May 2020
VIRTUAL | Book Now

Contemporary art can sometimes be challenging, intriguing and confusing, but don’t let that intimidate you! 

In this 3-part virtual talk series, unpack the big ideas and ‘art speak’ behind contemporary artworks, including artworks from the QAGOMA Collection. Hosted by Dr Louise R Mayhew.

Session 1: My Child Could Have Done That!

Explore art that is often criticized for lacking traditional ‘skill’. There's more than meets the eye to abstract and conceptual art. Featuring artists like Willem de Kooning, Mary Kelley to Ai Wei Wei and Vincent Namatjira.

Free / Bookings required / These talks are designed for everybody – from the art newcomer to connoisseur / Auslan interpreted