APT9 Book Club: 'The Stolen Bicycle' (2017)

10.30AM Thu 28 Feb 2019
QAG | Members lounge | Sold Out

Take a step out of your comfort zone this season as we delve into a five-part focus on writing from across Asia and the Pacific, linking to themes and histories presented in APT9.

Book 2: The Stolen Bicycle (2017), Wu Ming-Yi

A writer embarks on an epic quest in search of his missing father’s stolen bicycle and soon finds himself caught up in the strangely intertwined stories of Lin Wang, the oldest elephant who ever lived, the soldiers who fought in the jungles of South-East Asia during World War Two, and the secret worlds of the butterfly handicraft makers and antique bicycle fanatics of Taiwan. The Stolen Bicycle gives readers a chance to contextualise a number of the Taiwanese works featured in APT9, with profound and intimate meditations on memory, family and home.

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