Sara Tse

Sara Tse / Hong Kong, b.1974 / Trans/form no.10.2 2003 / Porcelain, fabric, dipped in slip and fired / Purchased 2004. Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Grant / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery / © The artist

Sarah Tse's delicate works are made from porcelain, a medium which has historically signified stature and wealth in China, Japan, Korea and Europe. Her simple porcelain technique lies in unique contrast to the elaborate mold process of traditional porcelain ware. Tse carefully dips pieces of everyday clothing in liquid porcelain and once firing is complete, a fragile shell or imprint of the fabric is left, the product of the fluid medium slipping around the fibres of material before they disintegrate. The sculptural gloves, socks and sweaters of Tse challenge the reverence given to objects traditionally made from porcelain. Tse comments, 'A dress, like a house or a film, is both lived and loved. Clothes exhibit the consumption of living: like the furniture we use, they "wear" the marks of life'. Her choice of garments plays on the memories they hold and intimately engage the viewer in reveries about their own relationship to cloth that protects and defines their body.