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We can make another future: Japanese art after 1989


Madonna Staunton: Out of a Clear Blue Sky

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We can make another future: Japanese art after 1989

We can make another future, which accompanies the exhibition of the same name, profiles QAGOMA’s holdings of contemporary art from Japan. It chronicles the art of the Heisei era, which commenced in 1989 with the ascension of Emperor Akihito, through major works by artists including Yayoi Kusama, Lee Ufan, Takashi Murakami, Yasumasa Morimura, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Tomoko Yoneda. The era coincides with the peak of the Japanese economic boom and its later contraction, which led to the ‘lost decades’ of the 1990s and 2000s, but also the rise of Japan as a cultural superpower. QAGOMA’s collection of contemporary Japanese art is the most extensive in Australia and is uniquely positioned to shed light on this fascinating period, exploring various aspects of culture and society in Japan through the work of its leading artists.

This richly illustrated publication includes essays on the major exhibition themes by Reuben Keehan and Shihoko Iida and a detailed chronology spanning 25 years of Japanese art in the context of wider culture and society.
RRP $39.95 | Members price $31.95


Madonna Staunton: Out of a Clear Blue Sky
96 pages paperback colour illustrations 

One of Queensland’s greatest living artists, Madonna Staunton has made a major contribution to Australian modernism over the last five decades. Esteemed for her collage and assemblage work — which is often noted for its complex lineage of Dada, Constructivist, Fluxus and Abstract Expressionist precedents — Staunton has more recently committed her famed eloquence to figurative painting. Composed with the talents amassed during this long commitment, these late representational works make evident the weighty insights that can come with age and deep reflection. Out of a Clear Blue Sky is beautifully illustrated and the most comprehensive representation of Madonna Staunton’s whole career.
RRP $29.95 | Members price $23.95 

Harvest: Art, Film and Food
196 pages hardcover colour illustrations

Familiarise yourself with 'Harvest' by purchasing a copy of the incredible exhibition publication. Harvest: Art, Film and Food features essays by exhibition curators Ellie Buttrose and Rosie Hays, interviews with artists and filmmakers, and recipes from leading national and international chefs, including René Redzepi (Noma, Copenhagen), Shannon Bennett (Vue de Monde, Melbourne), Alejandro Cancino (Urbane, Brisbane), Brenda Fawdon (Mondo Organics, Brisbane), Peter Gilmore (Quay, Sydney), Dan Hunter (Brae, Birregurra, Vic), Ryan Squires (Esquire, Brisbane), James Viles (Biota Dining, Bowral, NSW) and QAGOMA Executive Chef Josue Lopez.
RRP: $39.95 | Members: $31.95

Pattern Power: Blending in and Standing Out

Australian artist Jemima Wyman loves using patterns to make her artworks and hopes you will become a 'pattern bandit' like her! Produced in association with the 'Pattern Bandits' exhibition Pattern Power: Blending In and Standing Out is a colourful and engaging publication that introduces young readers to contemporary artist Jemima Wyman's ideas and artworks and features 15 stimulating art-making activities to complete at home.
RRP: $24.95 | Members price: $19.95