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The China Project for Kids

Writing with Water

Song Dong’s Writing with Water in ‘The China Project for Kids’, ‘The China Project’ exhibition. Photograph: Natasha Harth

Australia Now

William Yang’s Australia Now in ‘The China Project for Kids’, ‘The China Project exhibition’. Photograph: Natasha Harth

The China Project
28 March – 28 June 2009  Gallery 1.4, GoMA

For ‘The China Project’, the Children’s Art Centre presented two interactive projects by exhibiting artists Song Dong and William Yang. Both artist projects engaged children with the artists’ ideas about the written word.

Song Dong’s Writing with water encouraged children to write or draw their thoughts on large rocks using traditional Chinese calligraphy brushes and water. As a child, Song Dong practised his calligraphy by writing with water on stone because his family could not afford ink and paper. Young visitors were able to watch as their drawings or text slowly evaporated before their eyes.

For Australian–Chinese artist William Yang’s project, Australia now, children were invited to connect with his interest in autobiography by drawing their self-portraits, writing stories from their lives and discovering which animal sign they were on the Chinese zodiac.

To assist young visitors interact with the artist projects, art work labels and instructional sheets were featured throughout the exhibition.