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Pip & Pop: we miss you magic land!


Visitors to the Gallery in the ‘we miss you magic land!’ exhibition space, November 2011 / Photograph: Mark Sherwood

26 November 2011 - 4 March 2012 | GoMA

For our GoMA Turns 5 celebrations, the Children's Art Centre invited Perth-based artist duo Pip & Pop (Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic) to transform the Park Level into a large-scale installation especially for children and families.

Drawing on children's fairy tales from all over the world, creation myths, Buddhist cosmologies and video games, Pip & Pop create magical lands coloured with a bright, often fluorescent palette. A favourite story is the land of Cockaigne, which first appeared in French poetry in the thirteenth century. This mythical land of plenty was the medieval peasant's dream – an idea that captured everyone's imagination and quickly spread across Europe. Descriptions mention streets paved with pastries, houses made of cake and sugar, and skies raining cheeses. Other stories referred to in the artists' works include the Ainu folktale ‘The birds' party’, about a celebratory feast hosted by Mr and Mrs Pigeon; and the Incan story ‘In search of the magic lake’, set in a stunning landscape, where the sky dips so low that it meets the water's edge, charging the liquid with healing powers.

Contemporary cultures also fascinate and inspire the artists. Beautiful Katamari, a popular Japanese video game, invites players to roll a small katamari (an adhesive ball) across lands, collecting objects as it goes from paper clips to toys and animals. Like a snowball, the katamari grows and grows until it's large enough to be handed to the King of All Cosmos, who flings the katamari high into the sky to create a beautiful new world.

Adopting the expression 'more is more', Pip & Pop have transformed hundreds of objects and craft materials into beautiful, glittery worlds for ‘we miss you magic land!’. Using cake decorating tools, they funnelled rainbow-coloured sugar crystals, fine sands and glitter to create lacy patterned hilltops and valleys, dotting them with artificial flowers, plastic trinkets, crystals and sequins. The finished result is a series of delightful magical worlds where make-believe becomes a part of reality. Read more

The Children's Art Centre invites children and families to experience and wonder at ‘we miss you magic land!’. Children can also access an exciting online multimedia interactive inspired by Pip & Pop. Featuring spectacular sound effects and animation the game will enable visitors to create their own fantasy world to send to friends and family via email and social media streams.