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Jemima Wyman: Pattern Bandits

April 5 – November 2, 2014
Children’s Art Centre ǀ Park Level ǀ GOMA

Through the immersive exhibition ‘Pattern Bandits’, Los Angeles-based Australian artist Jemima Wyman shares with young visitors her interests in the relationships between pattern, people and architecture. Children can enter the brightly coloured and highly patterned world of the artist and explore different patterns, from kaleidoscopes, tessellations, camouflage and harlequin, with specially designed hands-on and multimedia and activities. Watch the artist talk more about the activities in the exhibition.

‘Pattern Bandits’ captures the way patterns can express who we are, where we live, and transform our view of the world.

Jemima Wyman is the sixth Australian artist to collaborate with QAGOMA’s Children’s Art Centre on a major interactive exhibition, joining previous artists Gordon HookeyFiona HallPip & PopCallum Morton and Anne Wallace.

School bookings of 10 or more / Bookings required in advance / Email educationbookings@qagoma.qld.gov.au.


  • Spinning Wall Mandala Portal
    Spinning Wall Mandala Portal

    Optical illusions can trick our minds into thinking that still images are actually moving. This optical installation invites children to make their own vibrant collage and contribute to a giant spinning wallpaper.
  • Pattern Action Zone
    Pattern Action Zone

    Children can interact with Jemima Wyman’s instructional film Pattern Power Moves 2014, set within in a specially designed performance space, wearing their own bandanna personalised with patterns often used by the artist in her work.
  • Kaleidoscopic Tessellations
    Kaleidoscopic Tessellations

    Become part of a moving pattern by reconfiguring shapes and blocks at the Kaleidoscopic Tessellations station, and see how the surrounding architecture and mirrored surfaces in the exhibition space can create new perspectives.
  • Harlequin Hallway
    Harlequin Hallway

    This interactive multimedia experience responds to movements and transports young visitors’ images into an animated harlequin patterned wall. Play Harlequin Hallway online.
  • Publication: Pattern Power: Blending In and Standing Out, 2014
    Publication: Pattern Power: Blending In and Standing Out, 2014

    Australian artist Jemima Wyman loves using patterns to make her art works and hopes you will become a ‘pattern bandit’ like her! Pattern Power: Blending In and Standing Out introduces children to contemporary Australian artist Jemima Wyman’s ideas and artworks and features stimulating art-making activities to complete at home. Read more.

    Available from the QAGOMA Store or online.



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