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Callum Morton 'Ghost World'

Elevation drawing of entry façade for 'Ghost World' 2010

Elevation drawing of entry façade for 'Ghost World' 2010 | Image courtesy: The artist, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney

Callum Morton 'Ghost World'

26 June – 17 October 2010 | Park Level, GoMA

The Children’s Art Centre presented a large-scale installation by Australian artist Callum Morton. Directly inspired by the artist’s ongoing interest in architecture and art, Morton transformed the Park Level of the Children Art Centre into an unexpected street scene, featuring a series of building facades similar to sets built for movies and television shows. Children were invited to venture up and down the street and explore what lay beyond the exterior walls.

I wanted to build a forgotten fantasy town for kids with a main street lined with shops, a bank and a museum. But unlike the familiar idea of a ghost town often played out in theme park ‘worlds’, the abandoned buildings in this town are more modern than older looking…When country towns are abandoned, they take on another quality. The patina of time gives them a sadness that I am drawn to. Callum Morton

Hands-on activities

Children were invited to take part in three making activities within the 'Ghost World' exhibition space.

What’s on

What’s On gave young visitors the opportunity to design their very own billboard advertisement – it could be a product of their own imagination or even a big budget Hollywood motion picture starring them and their friends. The completed designs were then scanned and displayed in the exhibition space, ensuring the new advertisements received maximum publicity!

Piggly’s Supermarket

At Piggly’s Supermarket, young visitors could design a package for a supermarket item and be creative with their ideas about opposites. The new products were then displayed – stocking the supermarket shelves for everyone to see.

Ghost City

Working with the artist’s ‘Ghost World’ façade designs, budding urban planners were able to plan and construct a new modern metropolis. Over the course of the exhibition, Ghost City grew from a small village into a thriving inner city with skyscrapers, shopping centres and suburbs.  

Media Releases

Callum Moreton Ghost World Media Release 22 June

Callum Moreton Ghost World MEDIA KIT

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