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Anne Wallace: Release the Bats

Anne Wallace

Anne Wallace transforming the Children’s Art Centre into a night-time wonderland for her interactive project, 'Release the Bats', April 2009. Photography Ray Fulton.

11 April – 11 October 2009 Children's Art Centre, GoMA

Celebrating Queensland’s 150th year, the Children’s Art Centre presented a large-scale installation by Queensland artist Anne Wallace. In the installation, inspired by the artist’s fascination for the curious and the mysterious, the artist encouraged children to see the Sunshine State in a different light.

Featuring murals and films created by the artist, the installation was complemented by atmospheric lighting and sounds, creating a spooky setting for hands-on activities. Children were invited to explore the shadowy spaces, create their own scary places and give each other goose bumps with an imaginative twist on the familiar.

Hands-on activities

Children were invited to take part in drawing and making activities for display across the spaces. 

The colony room 

In The colony room, children could make paper bats and creatures of the night. Each bat joined the ever-growing flock of bats flying overhead.


Children could also make a wild collection of plants, flowers and insects. Over time, the spaces became overgrown with a tangle of vines and creepy crawlies.

House lights

Children were also invited to draw their imaginings of different evening scenes of home as seen through a window and place them in a backlit wall installation of a suburban hillside. Each window drawing was illuminated, creating a familiar nightscape of suburban streets. 


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