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Sculpture Is Everything: Contemporary Works From The Collection

Michael Sailstorfer | Wolken (Clouds) 2010

Michael Sailstorfer, Germany b. 1979 | Wolken (Clouds) 2010 | Tyre inner tubes | Purchased 2011 with funds from Tim Fairfax, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | © The artist. Licensed by Viscopy, Sydney, 2012

Lara Favaretto | Gummo IV 2012

Lara Favaretto, Italy b.1973 | Gummo IV 2012 | Iron, car wash brushes and electrical motors | Purchased 2012 with funds from Tim Fairfax, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | © The artist

18 August – 28 October 2012 | The Fairfax Gallery (Gallery 1.1), Galleries 1.2 & 1.3, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) | Free admission

Showcasing the Gallery's Collection and featuring a group of major new acquisitions, 'Sculpture is Everything' explores the extraordinarily diverse and surprising field of contemporary sculpture. Sculpture is everything — from found objects to kinetic structures, from monuments to installation and land art, from pop assemblages to ritual objects. Form, material and three-dimensional space have been considered to define the medium of sculpture; the exhibition points to how these sculptural concerns are played out in film, photography, painting and performance.

Installed throughout the ground floor of GOMA, the exhibition features works by Australian and international artists including Ai Weiwei, Martin Creed, Olaf Breuning, Thomas Demand, Lara Favaretto, Simryn Gill, Romuald Hazoumé, Gordon Hookey, Zilvinas Kempinas, Anish Kapoor, Gordon Matta-Clark, John Mawurndjul, Henrique Oliveira, Dennis Oppenheim, Michael Sailstorfer, Kathy Temin, Ken Thaiday Sr, Rachel Whiteread and Erwin Wurm.

List of Artists

Ah Xian (China/Australia) | Ai Weiwei (China) | Dan Arps (New Zealand) | Jacky Atjarral (Yirritja moiety, Gurrgoni people, Australia) with Jimmy Bungurru (Nkamarrang, Ndjebbana/Kunbarlang people, Australia), Lena Kurriniya (Kunwinjku people, Australia) and Albert Worriddjol (Kunibidji people, Australia) | Joseph Beuys (Germany) | Montien Boonma (Thailand) | Martin Boyce (United Kingdom) | Olaf Breuning (Switzerland) | Lorraine Connelly-Northey (Waradgerie people, Australia) | Martin Creed (United Kingdom) | Peter Cripps (Australia) | Dadang Christanto (Indonesia) | Aleks Danko (Australia) | Marina De Caro (Argentina) | Thomas Demand (Germany) | Simon Denny (New Zealand) | Elizabeth Djuttara (Ganalbingu people, Australia) | Heri Dono (Indonesia) | Harun Farocki (Czech Republic/Germany) | Lara Favaretto (Italy) | Gunybi Ganambarr (Australia) | Simryn Gill (Malaysia) | Geert Goiris (Belgium) | Alan Griffiths (Ngarinyman/Ngaliwurru people, Australia) | Donna Conlon (United States/Republic of Panama) and Jonathan Harker (Ecuador/Republic of Panama) | Niki Hastings-McFall (New Zealand) | Romuald Hazoumé (Benin) | Gordon Hookey (Waanyi people, Australia) | Rebecca Horn (Germany) | Mathew Jones (Australia) | Kairak Baining People (Papua New Guinea) | Anish Kapoor (United Kingdom) | Zilvinas Kempinas (Lithuania /United States) | Bharti Kher (India) | Yayoi Kusama (Japan) | Lee Mingwei (Taiwan /United States) | Enos Levi (Papua New Guinea) | Robert MacPherson (Australia) | Rudi Mantofani (Indonesia) | Anniebell Marrngamarrnga (Kuninjku people, Australia) | Gordon Matta-Clark (United States) | John Mawurndjul (Kunwinjku people, Australia) | Danie Mellor (Mamu/Ngadjonji people, Australia) | Ana Mendieta (United States) | Mathieu Mercier (France) | Robert Morris (United States) | Timo Nasseri (Germany) | Kohei Nawa (Japan) | Yamini Nayar (United States) | Joe Ngallametta (Kugu Muminh/Kugu Uwanh people, Australia) | Henrique Oliveira (Brazil) | Julian Opie (United Kingdom) | Dennis Oppenheim (United States) | Gabriel Orozco (Mexico) | Nam June Paik (Korea/United States) | Fiona Pardington (New Zealand) | Michael Parekowhai (New Zealand) | Mike Parr (Australia) | Sopheap Pich (Cambodia) | Patricia Piccinini (Australia) | Tobias Putrih (Slovenia) | Michel Rangie (Vanuatu) | Scott Redford (Australia) | Stuart Ringholt (Australia) | Luke Roberts (Australia) | Hermannsburg Potters (Australia est. 1990) | Michael Sailstorfer (Germany) | Reggie Sabatino (Meriam Mir people, Australia) | Roman Signer (Switzerland) | Sonabai (India) | Robert Smithson (United States) | Hiroshi Sugimoto (Japan/United States) | Kathy Temin (Australia) | Ken Thaiday Sr (Meriam Mir people, Australia) | Patrick Thaiday (Kulkalgaw Ya people, Australia) | Rirkrit Tiravanija (Argentina/Thailand) | Michel Tuffery (New Zealand) | Peter Tully (Australia) | Ben Vautier (France) | Yoshimasa Wada (Japan/United States) | Louise Weaver (Australia) | Rachel Whiteread (England) | Nawurapu Wunungmurra (Dhalwangu people, Australia) | Erwin Wurm (Austria) | Yao Jui-Chung (Taiwan) | Lena Yarinkura (Kune/Rembarrnga people, Australia) | YNG (Yoshitomo Nara and graf) (Japan est. 2003) 


The 120 page publication Sculpture is Everything features in-depth curators’ essays alongside interviews with artists Marina De Caro, Lara Favaretto, Romuald Hazoumè, Gordon Hookey, Zilvinas Kempinas and Henrique Oliveira. It is available for purchase from the QAGOMA Store and online 

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Programs and Events

Volunteer Guided Tours
11.00am | Meet your guide at the information desk | Free

Tour for visitors with a hearing impairment
Friday 26 October | 10.00am, GOMA

Assistive listening devices (FM system) are available for visitors with a hearing impairment. As the number of devices is limited, bookings in advance are essential. A minimum of 2 business days is required and bookings are subject to availability. To book, please contact the Education Bookings Office. Telephone: (07) 3840 7255 (between 8.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday). Email: educationbookings@qagoma.qld.gov.au

Auslan tour for visitors who are Deaf
Sunday 28 October | 3.00pm, GOMA

Meet your guide at the information desk, GOMA. An interpreter from Deaf Services Queensland accompanies the volunteer guide on these free tours. No bookings are required.

My Gen 50+ | Conversations with curators
Thursday 23 August | 2.30pm, GOMA
Find out why and how sculpture is everything in this informal conversation style program with Kathryn Weir, Curatorial Manager, International Art and Australian Cinémathèque where you can ask questions along the way. Free, no bookings required. For more information visit My Gen 50+. 

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