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Programs and Events


APT7 installation view showing works by artists from Papua New Guinea


Cievash Arean performing in Parastou Forouhar’s installation Written room (1999 – ongoing)


Bree Richards, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Australian Art in conversation with APT7 artist Susan Jacobs


Visitors aged over 50 are invited to enjoy the Gallery’s My Gen 50+ program

APT7 Up Late - Celebrate One Last Night

5.30–9.30PM FRIDAY 12 APRIL
Canyons & Daniel Boyd present 100 Million Nights
Acclaimed musical duo Canyons perform an original musical score featuring a major new three‑panel video installation work by APT7 artist Daniel Boyd. Free entry, cash bar and food available. No bookings required.

New art floor talks

QAGOMA curators share recent art works and new commissions featured in APT7 through short, accessible floor talks in QAGOMA exhibition spaces.

1.30pm Sunday 24 February | GOMA
Russell Storer, Curatorial Manager, Asian and Pacific Art, discusses different approaches to contemporary painting featured in APT7, through the work of artists from South-East Asia, China and Japan.

1.30pm Friday 8 March | GOMA
On International Women’s Day, join Julie Ewington, Curatorial Manager, Australian Art, QAGOMA for a tour of APT7 exploring the work of women artists represented in the exhibition.

2.00pm Sunday 17 March | GOMA
Ruth McDougall, Curator, Pacific Art, QAGOMA introduces artists from the Pacific region included in APT7.

1.30pm Saturday 6 April | GOMA
Tarun Nagesh, Assistant Curator, Asian Art, QAGOMA provides insight into the work of Southeast Asian artists in APT7, highlighting collaborative and interdisciplinary themes including music, politics, urban development and food.

Special events

2.30pm Sunday 24 February | GOMA
Special event: Artist project performance: Hu:In Meditation
Parastou Forouhar has invited a local musician to respond to her immersive installation Written room (1999–ongoing). Music by Brisbane-based composer and ethnomusicologist Dr Nicholas Ng will be played on a range of contemporary Iranian instruments.

3.00pm Sunday 17 March | GOMA
Performance: Tongan Community Choir
Celebrate sounds of the Pacific with members from the Tongan Community and the Choir from the Park Church, Highgate Hill, Brisbane.

2.00pm Saturday 23 March | Cinema A, GOMA
Creating Classics: The Golden Ages of Animation in China
Australian Cinémathèque presents a landmark retrospective of Chinese animation as part of APT7, Mountains and Waters: Chinese Animation Since the 1930s features around 200 works of animation in techniques. Join animation specialist Li Zhen from the China Film Archive, Beijing, as he speaks on the extraordinary films created at the Shanghai Animation Film Studio in the period from the 1950s to the 1980s.

My Gen 50+

A range of developed programs and events developed especially for visitors aged over 50 are held in conjunction with APT7. Please visit My Gen 50+ for more information and details on how to join the mailing list.

5.30pm Wednesday 13 March, GOMA
APT7 after-hours tour
‘The fragility of life and beauty: Japanese artists in APT7’
Post-Fukushima, the Japanese people have become all too aware of the transient nature of life and beauty. Morris Low, Associate Professor of Japanese History in the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at The University of Queensland hosts a discussion and tour introducing some of the Japanese artists presented in APT7 including Takahiro Iwasaki, Tomoko Kashiki and Tadasu Takamine.
Free. Bookings required as places are limited.

10.30am Friday 5 April, GOMA
My Gen 50+ short course
‘Exploring the Sepik’
A morning of insightful talks and case studies introduces the extraordinary Papua New Guinea project in APT7, including behind-the-scenes information on developing the project and working with artists featured in the exhibition, as well as the dynamic art and culture of the Sepik region. Speakers include Ruth McDougall, Curator Pacific Art, QAGOMA, Michael O’Sullivan, Acting Design Manager, QAGOMA, Brisbane-based architect and designer Stephanie Donigi, and Dr Graeme Were, Anthropologist and Lecturer in Museum Studies at The University of Queensland.
Free. Bookings required as places are limited.

To register for any booked My Gen 50+ program or event, or for more information:
 T: (07) 3840 7144 | E: mygen@qagoma.qld.gov.au | W: qagoma.qld.gov.au/mygen

All programs and events are free and unbooked - unless otherwise stated.

Past events

2.30pm Thursday 13 December | GOMA
My Gen 50+ Conversations with curators - APT7: How it came together
Join Reuben Keehan, Curator, Contemporary Asian Art, in an informal conversation as he provides some insights into curating APT7.

1.30pm Sunday 16 December | QAG
New art: floor talk
Russell Storer, Curatorial Manager, Asian and Pacific Art, provides an overview of ‘0 – Now: Traversing West Asia’, which brings together works by seven artists and artist groups who consider the dynamic histories and landscapes of this changing region.
1.30pm Sunday 13 January | GOMA
New art: floor talk
Reuben Keehan, Curator, Contemporary Asian Art, explores artistic approaches to the built environment and urban space in APT7 through a focus on sculpture and installation.

1.30pm Wednesday 23 January | GOMA
New art: floor talk
Ruth McDougall, Curator, Pacific Art, considers new art from Papua New Guinea in APT7 in a talk entitled ‘The Adze, ‘The hand and the brush’.
My Gen 50+ after-hours lecture
APT7 in focus: Conservation challenges
6.00pm Wednesday 6 February 2013, GOMA Cinema B
Join Stuart Fuller, QAGOMA Conservator, as he provides insights into the conservation of APT7 artist Nguyen Manh Hung’s Living together in paradise (2009). Hear about some of the challenges and behind-the-scenes stories of this spectacular work in a fascinating illustrated lecture.
Free. Bookings required as places are limited.
1.30pm Sunday 10 February | GOMA
In conversation
Bruce McLean, Curator, Indigenous Australian Art, speaks with Daniel Boyd, whose works in APT7 use the dot motif as a lens through which the world is viewed and distorted.
2.30pm Sunday 10 February | GOMA
In conversation
Bree Richards, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Australian Art, is joined by Susan Jacobs to discuss the artist’s work, which explores the properties of materials and space.

1.30pm Saturday 16 February | GOMA
New art: floor talk
Diane Moon, Curator, Indigenous Fibre Art, examines contrasting approaches by Indigenous Australian artists Shirley Macnamara and Lorraine Connelly-Northey in their sculptural works that interpret traditional forms.