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School students visit APT

School students visit APT7 │Photograph: Mark Sherwood 2012


Rex Maukos, Kwoma people Tongwinjamb village, East Sepik River, Papua New Guinea painting ceiling panels for Kwoma | APT7 Commission, Brisbane, February 2012


Newly commissioned art works, education resources and interactive Kids' APT7 projects will inspire students of all ages to explore the diversity of the Asia Pacific region. Features 75 artists and artist groups from 27 countries.

Education Bookings

Group bookings are required in advance (minimum of 72 hours requested). Contact the Education Bookings Office:
E: educationbookings@qagoma.qld.gov.au
T: (07) 3840 7255 or book your group visit online

Curriculum and Learning

APT7 provides the ideal opportunity to address cross-curriculum priorities such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures (ATSIHC), Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia (AAEA), and Sustainability (SUST). Suitable for Visual Art and Design, Humanities, Modern History, Studies of Society and Studies of Religion.

Education Resources

Suitable for all teaching levels


  • includes questions to stimulate discussion and investigation
  • plus teacher notes with curriculum links and inspiring classroom activities

Design your own APT 7 tour

  • for students to select the art works they wish to view
  • includes image and expanded label information


  • View artist talks, performances and interviews about the exhibition

APT7 Students' Choice

During the installation of APT7 a small group of primary and secondary students from Coorparoo State School and Villanova College went behind the scenes to gain insights into the exhibition. The students interviewed several APT7 artists and Tarun Nagesh, QAGOMA Assistant Curator, Asian Art. In the short videos the students describe selected APT7 art works in their own words, with the aim of encouraging other students to interact with the exhibition. Read more and watch videos